Frequently Asked Questions 



Why are we doing Read-A-Thon?

This type of fundraiser allows our scholars to raise money without any door-to-door sales and operates the same as Read-a-Thon or the Boosterthon that we have done in the past. The Boosterthon focused on physical activity and Socrates received 52% of the total profits raised whereas Read-a-Thon's focus is also on reading and Socrates will receive 100% of the profits raised as it is handled in-house.


How long do we have to raise pledge?
A little over two weeks.


My Scholar has misplaced their pledge sheet. Can we get another?
Of course! Visit our website to download additional pledge sheets, to read the rules or view the prize sheets.


What will the money that is collected from Read-a-Thon be used for?
The contributions collected from Read-a-Thon will help shape the future of Socrates Academy. The Board of Directors and Leadership Team prioritize the operational needs of the school and use the money raised through Read-a-Thon to meet those needs.Look out for the Socrates Academy Foundation newsletter for information on how Read-a-Thon funds are spent. The important thing to remember is that because we are running this fundraiser in-house we are able to keep all of the proceeds.


Can we make a flat donation instead of pledging per minute?
Yes, the minimum flat donation is $20.00.


Is there a max amount or a cap that sponsors can be charged for minutes read?
Yes. The cap is 100 minutes. This means no matter what you pledge or how much your student reads, you will only be charged for 100 minutes. There is a minimum pledge of $20.00 or .20 per minute, so you may pledge flat rate or per minute. Whatever you decide.


How are the prizes awarded if my scholar only receives flat rate pledges?

Flat rate pledge amounts will be calculated based on 100 minutes read. For example, if you make a flat rate donation of $20.00, your scholar would receive the dress down day prize, which we are awarding based on a $ .20 per minute pledge.


Do the pledges need to be turned in before the prizes are awarded?
Super Prizes; Chrome Book and Party in a Box will be given after all of the pledge money is collected. All other prizes will be awarded the day after their pledge is turned in.


When and where does my child receive their prizes?
Scholars will receive prizes during the school day. 


Does the money need to be turned in all at once, or is everyone that sponsors responsible for making their own payment?
It is a great help to the volunteers managing the donations if all of the payments are totaled and sent in at one time. If you are not able to do this, payments can be made separately.


Who should my check be made out to?
Please make all checks out to Socrates Academy Foundation and please write the scholars name in the memo of the check.


How do friends and family from out of town pay their pledges?

Payments can also be made online! Click here to make a payment >>


Can I help with the Read-a-Thon?
Yes! We welcome your help. Contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about how you can volunteer for this fundraiser.


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