1. All reading minutes must be logged on your reading log, located on the back of your reading pledge sheet.


2. NO guessing or rounding off minutes. Please look at the clock or use a timer or stopwatch to clock your minutes. Write down how many minutes you read. Your parents need to initial each block of reading time.


3. You can only read a book once for the contest.


4. What counts as reading:

  • Reading before and after school counts.
  • Assigned reading during class time does not count.
  • Other people reading aloud to you counts. Reading aloud to other people counts. If you read to your friend or your brother or sister, it counts for both of you!
  • Reading aloud to the dog, the cat, and the goldfish counts.
  • You may read on a train, in a tree, or car, or plane! In a hotel or late at night - under the covers with a flashlight!
  • Reading in the dark, under water, upside down or with your eyes shut does not count.
  • Getting up early in the morning or staying up later at night to read counts, IF you have your parent’s permission.
  • Assigned reading for homework and book report reading counts.
  • Reading anything in any language counts - even cereal boxes!


5. If you have earned a prize for pledge amounts, bring in your pledge sheet to your teacher so your prize may be awarded. It will be returned to you immediately after! Super prizes, will not be given until Read-a-Thon is finished and all money is collected.


6. The last day to read for the school contest is Friday, March 31st.


7. No minutes will be counted after March 31st.  The class that reads the most minutes will win a party. The class that raises the most money will win a Class Choice Party. If the same class reads the most and raises the most money for Socrates Academy, that class will win two parties!


8.  You may make a Flat Rate Pledge instead of a Pledge per Minute. Prizes will be awarded for Flat Rate Pledges based on 100 minute pledge. For example, a $20.00 Flat Rate Pledge will be counted the same as a .20¢ per minute pledge with 100 minutes read.


9. The minimum pledge is .20¢ per minute or flat rate of $20.00.


10. Make sure to bring your reading log, money and pledge sheet to school on or before Friday, April 3rd to get  your prizes. April 3rd will be our last prize day delivery. All pledge money is due on Friday, April 7th.


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