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High School Transition Night

If you weren't able to attend High School Transition Night last week you may view the slide show that was presented to parents by clicking here. Thank you alumni for coming out and talking to our current parents and students. We couldn't do this without you!... Continue reading

Dear Socrates Family

Dear Socrates Family, Happy New Year!  I hope that your 2016 is off to a wonderful start and that the winter vacation allowed your family time to relax, create memories, and share laughs. Over the holiday break, our community received the very sad news that two of our Socrates parents had passed away.  Mr. Jon McCollum, father of Jake (Class of '14), Josh (7th grade), Jack (4th grade), and Annabeth (entering Kindergarten fall of 2016), lost his battle with brain cancer.  He fought bravely to the end and will be remembered fondly by all who have known him.   Mrs. Tammy Coppola,... Continue reading

Socrates PBIS

  As part of a school-wide initiative, Socrates Academy has been implementing a new Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports model. PBIS was established nationally to build the behavioral and discipline systems needed for successful learning and social development of students. Our school-wide system includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments. A system of recognition helps motivate students to try their best and to encourage others as well. One important piece of PBIS is to create a set of school rules that are well known to all affiliated with our school. The PBIS... Continue reading

Kindergarten Celebrates our U.S. Armed Forces

IMG 4058-web
In honor of Veteran's Day Mrs. Purcell's and Mrs. Jones' kindergarten classes wrote letters to active duty military personnel and created a flag banner of the American flag using their handprints.  This package was sent to Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Coleman, an Army Military Police Officer, currently serving in Kuwait. The children were thrilled to receive an email this week from Lisa that included photos of her and another soldier with their banner and photo.  Lt. Col. Coleman has served in the Army for 23 years and this is her 4th deployment to the Middle East.  She said, "Each time I'm away... Continue reading

Notes from Coffee with Kristen

    Coffee with Kristen Notes October 8, 2015   Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend our first Coffee with Kristen on Thursday, October 8th. We had a good discussion and here are some notes for those of you that were not able to attend.   Miss Priganc shared: -       Upcoming cultural arts events being funded with monies raised through school fundraising. All K—8 students will have one cultural arts experience the week of October 12th (K—3 on Tuesday and 4—8 on Friday). Ask your K—3 scholar about Susana and Timmy Abell and their Reading... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015 Dear Diary, I am so glad to be back to work after a wonderful Spring Break! The students look well-rested and ready to tackle the remainder of the school year. Can you believe we have less than 40 days until the year is over? It was another busy week and I learned a lot! On Monday, Miss P and I went to a Principal’s Meeting and learned about using growth data to support teachers and help them reach all of our students. There is so much information to look over and the Leadership Team is finding areas where... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015   Dear Diary, I could sleep for an entire week! The 8th grade class had an amazing trip to Washington D.C., but we did not get much sleep and did a LOT of walking! Here is a recap of our week: On Monday, we left Socrates at 5:45 a.m. and started our journey. We stopped for lunch near Richmond, Virginia and kept on driving. Our first stop was Mount Vernon, the home of General George Washington. Our tour guide, KJ, met us there and I quickly realized that he was going to be a lot of fun! One... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - March 27, 2015

March 27, 2015 Dear Diary, Our scholars are so talented! This week, I got to visit our 5th grade Science Fair and I was so impressed with the creativity and expertise with which our students presented their work. There were projects about exploding candy, nail polish durability, how epilepsy affects the brain, and how mold grows on bread (just to name a few!) As I walked around the displays, I was proud of how the students talked about their work and their findings. During the day, the students were able to come visit the exhibits and at night, we had a... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015 Dear Diary, I am happy to say that this week was a little less hectic at Socrates. After two weeks of Read A Thon, it was nice to have a “normal” week. Miss Priganc and I visited some classrooms, met with teachers to discuss observations, and just enjoy all that goes on at the school. On Monday, Socrates was recognized for having one of the most impactful new blood drives of the 2014 year. The Community Blood Center of the Carolinas hosted a special recognition dinner and Miss Priganc attended with Eliana Davis, the president of the National... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - March 14, 2015

March 14, 2015 Dear Diary, We had another great week of the Socrates Academy Read A Thon. My family will never believe how hard the teachers worked to make this so special for the students. I do not know if there is another school in the country that has teachers who work so hard to motivate their students to support the school! On Monday, Miss Priganc dressed up as Olivia the Pig. It was also the day of the first COLE competition (Conjunction of Literary Engagement), a special charter version of the Battle of the Books competition. Students have been preparing... Continue reading

Socrates Academy's 2nd Annual "March Madness" Basketball Tournament

The 2nd Annual Socrates March Madness Basketball Tournament was held on Saturday, March 14th in the school gym.  It was an amazing event that included 12 teams and over 80 players comprised of students, parents, teachers playing a series of basketball games to determine a champion.  The tournament resulted in two undefeated (2-0) teams playing for the trophy. After Team Blaster (a Parent team) held a slight lead at halftime the defending champions, Team Repeat (comprised of mostly Socrates faculty members), pulled away for a victory and their 2nd straight tournament championship. Congratulations to Team Repeat!This year’s event raised money via... Continue reading

Ellinomatheia Testing Information

The Centre for the Greek Language and its function The Centre for the Greek Language (CGL) was established in 1994 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is a non-profit organization supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education and cooperating with the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs and the Aristotle University. Some of the aims of the CGL are the overall support and promotion of the Greek language in Greece and abroad, the organization of teaching of Greek to foreigners in Greece and abroad, the support to teachers of the Greek language in Greece and abroad and the production of all relevant materials... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - March 3, 2015

March 6, 2015 Dear Diary,           WOW! You should see this place during Read A Thon! I can’t wait to show all of the pictures to my family back in Owl Canyon, Colorado. They would not believe the amazing things that are happening here to keep the students excited about this fundraiser!           On Monday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Lots of teachers dressed up as book characters and I saw more than one Cat in the Hat! Some of the grade levels even had themed costumes. 5th grade dressed as the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf and... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - February 27, 2015

February 27, 2015 Dear Diary, There is rarely a dull moment at Socrates Academy! I spent a lot of time in classrooms this week and here are some of the wonderful things I got to see: I was so impressed with all of the lessons I watched and enjoyed listening top students ask questions and use evidence from the text to support their ideas. We have a talented group of students here at Socrates! It was also Teacher Appreciation Week and the PFI organized wonderful treats for all of our staff. They are so generous and made sure our staff felt... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - February 20 2015

February 20, 2015 Dear Diary, What a crazy week! The Charlotte weather impacted my week at Socrates Academy, but there were still lots of moments to be proud of! On Monday, the teachers had a professional development day. All teachers learned about some new policies at the school and curriculum was discussed in grade levels. The counseling intern was also able to meet with each team, but we had to cut the schedule short because the weather was going to make it unsafe for teachers to drive home later. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Socrates had no school for snow days, so... Continue reading

Plato's Diary - February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015 Dear Diary, It has been another great week at Socrates Academy. I am so happy that I was chosen for this internship. There are so many amazing things that happen during a day here, I can hardly keep up, but I will try to record as many as I can so I can always remember the great work the students and teachers are doing. On Monday, Miss Priganc and I had several teacher pre-observation conferences. Teachers are given feedback on formal and informal observations and when Miss P is preparing for a formal observation, she meets with the... Continue reading

Plato's First Week

February 7, 2015 Dear Diary, Wow! I can’t believe my first week as the Owl In Residence (OIR) at Socrates Academy is complete. Now I know how tired my teachers must have felt because I am exhausted! I have so much to report about what is going on around school. On Monday, Miss Priganc and I visited classrooms to meet some of the students. I have a lot of names to learn, but all of the children were very nice. I had my picture taken with a kindergarten student named Cora who was wearing a groundhog hat. Punxatawney Phil saw his... Continue reading

Yay for an A!!!

February 5, 2015   Dear Socrates Academy Family, We are proud to share that Socrates Academy has achieved a School Performance Grade of ‘A’ as released by the State Board of Education today. We are so proud of our entire school family and share this achievement with all students, staff, and parents. Today’s announcement is the result of a lot of hard work and we will continue putting our best effort into providing our scholars a high quality education. The annual North Carolina School Report Card offers ways for Socrates Academy’s stakeholders to learn more about our charter school. The school... Continue reading

Meet Plato Koukouvaiya

Meet Plato Koukouvaiya. He is the Owl in Residence (OIR) at Socrates Academy, a public charter school in Matthews, North Carolina. Plato enjoys his job as the OIR and has been asked to visit classrooms and report on the exciting things happening in grades K—8. Plato reports to Miss Priganc, the school Principal, and will provide weekday updates of what is happening at Socrates Academy. Plato will also attend events and share important information with the Socrates community to help everyone stay informed. Plato Koukouvaiya is the oldest of 3 owlets. He has a younger sister named Athena and a... Continue reading

Welcome Ms. Merchant!

IMG 1167
Hello Socrates Families, My name is Julie Merchant, (Miss Julie) and I am new to Socrates Academy. Currently a graduate student at UNC Charlotte, I am completing my Masters degree in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. I previously graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, and a minor in Psychology. Having been an athlete in my adolescence, I gravitated naturally into recreation management as my first career. At the same time I was very involved in youth ministry and eventually found my way to Boys Town, where I earned my Family Teaching certificate.... Continue reading

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