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What difference does being a Charter School make to the Socrates Academy Community?

Socrates Academy is one of the top charter schools in North Carolina with a proven track record of academic excellence. Socrates families are fortunate to have a school with caring and devoted staff whose main goal is to enrich and expand their scholars’ minds and state-of-the-art facilities to support that goal. Charter schools operate in a unique manner that is different from traditional public schools. Each year, North Carolina charter schools receive a fixed, per-pupil stipend from state and local government sources that doesn't include funding for buildings, transportation services, or salary increases for teachers with advanced degrees.  Therefore, Socrates Academy must finance facilities expenditures out of general operating revenues, privately raised funds, or partnerships with other organizations.

What is the Socrates Academy Invest in a Scholar Annual Fund Campaign?

The Invest in a Scholar Annual Fund Campaign is our primary opportunity for school families to participate in the continued success of the Academy by helping to bridge the gap left by state and local funding. Families are invited to donate to the school to support existing educational programs, develop new curriculum, improve school facilities, and support essential needs of Socrates Academy. The entire Leadership Team, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, and Parent Faculty Involvement Association (PFI) are in full support of this initiative and we are asking you to join all of us and continue to invest in the success of Socrates Academy. The money raised through the Invest in a Scholar program will support exclusively the operational needs of the school and will not be used for any additional land purchases or new buildings being considered by the Board of Directors.

What is the timing and goal of the Invest in a Scholar Annual Fund Campaign?

In future years, this program will run from August to June. However, in an effort to jump-start the program, we are excited to roll it out for a shorter time this year (February through June).

The goal this year is to raise $80,000 by June 30th. While this may seem like an ambitious goal for such a short time period, it would break down to an average monthly contribution of $25 dollars per student. Given that each family faces a different financial situation, some may be able to give more, while others less. We are asking each family to consider making whatever contribution they are comfortable making. When you are thinking of your contribution, please remember the excellent education your child is receiving and how much greater we can make the school with your support. Do not forget, many corporations match donations as well!

What are some projects the school is looking to support with this year’s Invest in a Scholar Annual Fund Campaign?

Below is a listing of the prioritized projects we would like to support with the funds raised through this program:


Scholastic needs


Facility   Needs/Improvements


Estimated   Costs



Estimated   Costs

Level guided reading books for K thru 5th



Playground Improvements


Class novel sets



Basketball hoops - Middle School


Books and other materials to establish middle school library



Outdoor lighting


Tablet computers for teaching (Kindles, Nooks, etc.)



Irrigation system


New Greek materials/teaching aids



Fencing around playground


Read Aloud books (especially for science and social studies)



Sound system for multipurpose room


Initial funds for clubs to start as needed



Stage curtain for multipurpose room



Elementary library repair/repaint



Shade structure for playground



As you can see, we have a hefty wish list and we may not accomplish it all this year. However, our plan is to complete as many of these projects as possible with the funds raised through this program. Regular updates on the website will allow the school community to track progress towards the goal and provide transparency on the specific projects funded by Invest in a Scholar.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to carefully consider your Invest in a Scholar gift to the school. Your generosity and willingness to participate is what makes our Socrates family so special.


With Warmest Regards,

Socrates Academy


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