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The purpose of our AIG program is to identify and address the needs of students with high ability and/or high aptitude for learning. After a scholar has been identified, the program provides differentiated instruction and curriculum approaches beyond that of the regular classroom, by State of NC certified AIG staff. This instruction includes acceleration options, opportunities for individual interest development, and high-level problem solving skill development. 

Identification Process


  • In-school testing – All 2nd grade students are administered the Cognitive Abilities Test, 7th edition, in the spring.

  • Students scoring 97% composite score on the CogAt are identified as AIG, Math and Reading, without further testing.

  • Students scoring 90% – 96% on the CogAt are administered the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) and must score 95% on this ITBS Reading Total, Math Total, or Core Total, identifying the student as AIG Reading only, or AIG Math only.

  • Students transferring to Socrates from other schools who have been AIG identified at their previous school will be considered for our AIG program.

  • In addition, students who score above 95% on NC End Of Grade testing, who have not previously been identified as AIG, will also be considered as AIG candidates for their next year at Socrates.



Private Testing for AIG Identification


  • Socrates Academy will accept scores from approved nationally-normed aptitude or achievement tests administered at the family’s expense by a North Carolina licensed private clinical psychologist. (Acceptable aptitude/intelligence tests are listed below)

  • In order to be considered for identification purposes, the following conditions must be met.

  • Private tests must be from the approved list.

  • Students must score 97th percentile or above on the approved test.

  • Private tests must be administered in the past twelve month period prior to the date of placement or within the first six weeks of school if the student was previously tested by Socrates Academy in the spring of the same year.

  • Private test scores may be submitted once per academic year.

  • Written prior notification of the intent to pursue private testing is required (see Written Notification of Intent for Private Testing Form on the right). This intent form is meant to serve as notification to the AIG department that private testing is being pursued. This measure is intended to help parents ascertain the proper window of time for private testing administration and eliminate the opportunity for repeated administration of the same test. An official copy of the results must be sent from the North Carolina licensed private clinical psychologist directly to the AIG Coordinator, Socrates Academy, 3909 Weddington Road, Matthews, NC 28105.

  • Approved list for private testing: OLSAT Otis-Lennon School Abilities Test, NNAT Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, SB Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, WISC 5th Edition (WISC V) Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

Written Notification of Intent for Private Testing

This intent form is meant to serve as notification to the AIG department that private testing is being pursued.

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