Choose a Grading Option for 3rd & 4th Quarter Middle School

Selections Due by Tuesday, May 26th

Students who do not make a selection by the due date, will receive a selection of PC-19 automatically

The deadline for this form has passed. The form is now inactive.

Complete the Selection Form (EXPIRED)

Understanding Grading Options During the Covid-19 Crisis

Click here to view the presentation with explanations from Mrs. Brighton & Mr. Newberry.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Socrates Academy grading this way?

The decision to determine final grades with numeric or PC-19, WC-19 was mandated by the State of North Carolina's Department of Education. The PC and WC options give students who were not able to complete distance learning due to lack of resources or other hardships during this time of crisis, a chance to be successful without penalty during this time of National crisis.

How do I know what my child's grade is in order to make this decision?

Please check Powerschool to average your child's grade. If you need to reset your Powerschool Password, please refer to the Powerschool page on our website.    


You say that if no action is taken a PC-19 will be given. Does that mean I don't need to fill out the form, if we are choosing a PC-19 designation? 

Please fill out the form. A staff member will begin calling families who we have not heard from to verify starting May 27th.