The purpose of our AIG and Talent Development programs is to nurture, identify, and address the needs of students with high ability and/or high aptitude for learning. The program provides differentiated instruction and learning opportunities that enrich and extend the core curriculum so that scholars grow to their full potential. Socrates Academy now offers a robust Talent Development program for grades K-2 in addition to AIG services for identified scholars in grades 3-10. Our program places an emphasis on the development of higher-level critical and creative thinking skills bolstered by curricula grounded in depth and complexity, individual interest development, and community engagement. 

  • Our program has a variety of service options, including self-contained cluster classes, subject and grade acceleration, advanced placement, flexible ability groups, and daily enrichment through our WIN (What I need) block. 

  • Socrates Academy offers additional enrichment opportunities, including after school enrichment clubs, field trips, academic competitions, student interest clubs, and guest speakers. 

  • At Socrates Academy, we believe in providing equitable opportunities for potentially gifted learners to access services. Our identification process is a holistic approach that includes multiple pathways to identification. 

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