Invest in Socrates Academy's Mission & Unlock Every Scholars Potential

Dear Socrates Families, Faculty, Friends and School Constituencies,

Charter schools are public schools of choice that are authorized by the State Board of Education and operated by independent non-profit boards of directors. They have open enrollment, cannot charge tuition or discriminate in admissions. Charter schools operate with freedom from many of the regulations that govern traditional public schools, but they are held accountable by the State to provide increased learning opportunities, encourage creative teaching methods, offer new professional opportunities for educators, and demonstrate student achievement, parent satisfaction and financial stability.

Charter schools are publicly funded, but they do not receive capital funds for acquiring land, constructing school buildings, supporting facility expenses, or additional funding for specialized programs.

Therefore, Socrates Academy receives considerably less per-pupil revenue than district-run traditional public schools. This discrepancy in capital funding presents a hurdle for charter schools for fostering creativity, innovation and flexibility, and delivering superior academic results and growth. In order to meet this funding gap and continue to enhance the quality of its distinctive academic program, and establish new co-curricular and extracurricular enrichment programs, Socrates Academy must maintain a supplemental stream of revenue. We call this our “Annual Fund.”

The Annual Fund is made up of unrestricted and restricted donations and pledges from a wide variety of Socrates Academy stakeholders, including current families, alumni families, faculty, community donors, organizations and foundations. It is our yearly ongoing appeal to our community to invest in Socrates' mission by providing critical funding for:

  • recruiting and retaining talented, highly qualified teachers through competitive salaries and professional development;

  • enhancing our school’s athletics, clubs, music, art, and band programs;

  • upgrading technology equipment, software and classroom integration; and

  • maintaining and expanding playground facilities.

Your contributions will allow us to pursue new opportunities for innovation, creativity, sports and community services to advance Socrates’ commitment to excellence.

Your Donation Matters

Our Annual Fund goal this year is to reach 100% participation, and raise $200,000 by bringing together the whole Socrates Community—parents, grandparents, friends, Board, faculty, alumni, and individual donors. No gift is ever too small. Your contributions will directly benefit the school and the experience of each and every proud Socrates scholar. Moreover, a high percentage of participation can motivate our outside donors and benefactors—such as corporations, foundations, and philanthropic organizations—to give and/or multiply their donations and meet our goal. This helps us establish unparalleled partnerships with philanthropic entities who use community participation rates to judge our Academy’s strengths, commitment and growth development.

Please make a difference by making your 100% tax deductible gift/pledge to our Annual Fund today.

To learn more about the Socrates Annual Fund, ways to give, matching, recognition/naming rights, please visit our Annual Fund Page here >>

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Administration and the Annual Fund Committee we thank you for your consideration and ongoing support.

Larry Peroulas

President, Socrates Academy Board of Directors

Sandra Brighton

Socrates Academy Principal