Volunteering at Socrates Academy

Have you completed your volunteer hours?

When our founders knew that one of the crucial elements of the school’s success would largely depend on parent involvement. In order to send a clear message to families about our culture and expectations, the first line of our mission statement is, “The mission of the Socrates Academy is to work in partnership with parents and community to encourage our students to reach their full potential…”

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between academic success and parent involvement? We did. And because community support of the educational process is considered one of the characteristics common to high-performing schools we require 36 volunteer hours per family, per school year.

And because this volunteer commitment is listed in our charter, we can be turned down for charter renewal or lose the charter that we have​ if we do not meet our volunteer requirements as a school.

Why was this included in our charter? North Carolina charter schools receive state funding for each student, (which is why it is SO important to be present the first day of school), but charter schools receive less than county funded public schools. We do not receive North Carolina Education Lottery money, nor do we receive funding for facility improvements or campus expansion. Our volunteer program helps bridge that budget gap!

That’s why you are REQUIRED volunteer. But why SHOULD you volunteer?

1. ​Make our school the best it can be.

Getting involved and volunteering at your child’s school is one of the best ways you can serve and help make the school the best it can be. Every strong organization takes many people to get the job done; our school is no different. The wonderful teachers and staff here at Socrates Academy give so much of themselves each and every day, not only in what they teach our children from books, but in what they teach our children about becoming good hearted, kind, respectful, successful people. As volunteers, we are here to supplement and support the teachers and staff, so they can stay focused on our children.

2. Stay in the know.

By getting involved, you will get to know the amazing Socrates Academy staff as well as other parents. You can get a sense of your child’s daily routine and schedule. You might even be able to find more meaningful questions to ask at the dinner table, rather than, “how was your day?”

3. Invest in your children.

Volunteering teaches our children the importance of helping out the larger community. They can see for themselves the results of your time and effort. Let our children see us investing our time and energy in their school, thereby investing in THEM. Let them see that we value their education, and they will value it as well.

The PFI has dozens of ways you can volunteer. The volunteer page on the website has a diverse list of opportunities. Don’t be afraid to email the designated person and ask what the time commitment is. We are all busy parents, and everyone is willing to work with you on time constraints and limitations. From PFI Presidents Alison Earley and Jennifer Lawrence:

“Volunteerism is a vital part of this school; volunteers help the school thrive and become a place that children love being everyday! Please consider reaching out to find ways in which you can help! For those who give so much of their time and efforts already, we thank you for all you do!”