The Greek Squad Goes Live

At Socrates Academy, giving back matters. This is a small piece of character education, and builds a foundation of learning by teaching our children the importance of responsible citizenship. When giving back to their community, children learn and utilize teamwork skills, time management, leadership and kindness. Most importantly, fostering the growth of these skills, encourages children to grow up helping others in need.

Recently, this movement took root in the 5th grade classroom, where teachers, Suzanne Feinstein and Kristine Barberio, came up with The Greek Squad, an idea to create a program to help one of the areas close to the kids’ hearts, their own school.

“Any staff member can make a request for help- clerical, special buddy, reading buddies, tutors, organize, etc.- and then the Fifth Graders fill out an application for the job and get placed in one that fits their application. We currently have over 30 students helping out and we look forward to many more to join.”

The Greek Squad is voluntary and the kids that are participating are having a great experience so far. Fifth grade student Taki remarked, “I love the Greek Squad job I got. I love how I can help kids learn Greek. It feels amazing that I can help new kids, because they need help. It is so uplifting when you see your kids getting good grades.”

The kids are helping the school, but also having a great time doing it. According to fifth grade scholar Emma S., “My job is to collect Proud Passes and it’s super fun. I get to go to different classrooms and collect the passes. I wanted another job but glad I got this one- it’s great. I am with others, too, so it makes it even more fun.”