National Blue Ribbon School: Socrates Academy Essay

I think Socrates Academy won the National Blue Ribbon because of our high level of student achievements in the 2017-2018 school year. We have also been marked as a top school for many years and we have won numerous awards. This school has a multi-cultural academic program which fosters critical thinking. I think Socrates Academy deserves this award with their extra language called Greek and their academic achievements.

Socrates Academy is a school which teaches Greek as a second language starting from Kindergarten. This makes Socrates Academy scholars’ skills more advanced than scholars at other schools in learning another language. This award was presented to Socrates Academy because of the extra language they give us that mostly other schools don’t offer. This privilege that the scholars get at Socrates Academy is an advantage of learning a new language. Many other schools don’t offer an extra language starting from elementary which makes Socrates Academy unique.

Socrates Academy is unique because it has some clubs that many other schools may not have. It has a club called National Junior Honor Society, also called NJHS. This is one of the highest honors awarded to a middle school student. NJHS is based upon a student’s outstanding performance in the areas of scholarships, service, leadership, and character. Getting into this club is an academic achievement for many students.

Socrates Academy has a group called Academically Intellectually Gifted, also called AIG. Students are given a test at the end of second grade or the beginning of third grade. A student who scores at the 97th percentile or above qualify for AIG, but getting into it is still a great achievement for the students. Also, Socrates Academy’s success rate is very high for the graduating scholars in the recent years. Socrates Academy has many achievements, academic clubs, and languages which make it qualify for the National Blue Ribbon.