Technology at Socrates Academy

In just the three years that our Instructional Technology Facilitator, Mrs. Alexandria Keilen has been at Socrates Academy she’s seen big changes in technology in our school. In addition to the return of K-4 students taking regular technology classes, our K-8 staff is supported in their own technology development by Mrs. Keilen.

During Technology Lab, K-4 scholars get exposed to many aspects of digital learning. Classes rotate through opportunities like coding robots, displaying data in spreadsheets, practicing online research, making presentations, and developing digital citizenship.

Our Middle School scholars have additional technology integration this year with the addition of several new classes taught by core teachers.

This year, our Board has approved the purchase of an additional 40 Chromebooks to be used in addition to the 20 used as a pilot last school year. This purchase has been made thanks to the generous donations to our Annual Fund. Our PFI purchased an additional set of 20 Chromebooks for the school this year, as well. These were a critical need for our staff and scholars to replace the aging computers scholars have been using.

When asked what led her to technology integration Mrs. Keilen said, “Digital learning and technology are a passion for me, because I love to encourage creativity and critical thinking in children. I do my best to prepare scholars for the rapid changes in technology they will experience over their lifetime.”

Interested in supporting digital learning at Socrates Academy? Here's how families can help.

  • Help teach Scholars that computers aren't just for games! Children can practice typing, create birthday cards for family and friends, video conference with relatives or research an animal they are interested in having as a pet.

  • Donate your child's "outgrown" electronics to the school. Kindle Fires, iPads, Snap Circuits, Little Bits, Legos, robot kits, or robots are all useful to teachers

  • Donate to the Annual Fund, even if it's just a little. The Annual Fund supports the operational needs of the school and is not used for any additional land purchases or new buildings. Technology is one of the schools operational needs.

  • Order from the Technology from the Wishlist (and get volunteer hours!)

  • Share your knowledge. If you have skills in a technology field, for example, computer repair, programming, graphic design or just love creating slideshows, come teach a class! Reach out to Mrs. Keilen at

  • Support fundraisers which earmark funds for technology. For example, Cupcake Wars on May 4th, is a mini-fundraiser with all proceeds going to purchase Chromebooks for the students.