New School Year Update

Dear Socrates Academy Families,

It was a great second week to the 2020-2021 school year. I continue to be amazed at the dedication of our staff and hard work of our scholars. From Socratic Seminars in 8th grade to Number Detectives in 1st grade, our teachers are engaging scholars in creative ways each day. We miss our scholars and cannot wait until the day they return to the building. But, in the meantime, we are committed to delivering excellence virtually.

It is important to note that our teachers are reflecting each day on instruction and scholar needs. Teachers meet multiple times a week to collaboratively plan and analyze student progress. As we progress with remote learning, we will continue to evaluate our strengths and opportunities for improvement.

One area we continue to evaluate is our K-4 Special Area classes. Feedback received in the summer was that many parents were concerned about screen time and lengthy school days. Special area classes were designated for one day a week in grades K-4 to reduce screen time and prevent a longer day. Parents have the option to structure the specials day in whatever manner meets the needs of your scholar. Scholars can complete the specials just as scheduled on their assigned day or alternatively, they can complete their specials throughout the week. Going forward, specials will be posted on the grade level weekly planner. Scholars will have until Friday to complete their special area assignments.

Some have asked why we continue with special area classes during remote learning. Special area classes are not filler classes. Instead, each class serves a purpose to help our scholars meet standards in the areas of information and technology, physical education, literacy, and the arts. For many scholars, they look forward to these classes and it provides a creative outlet for them to excel. Soon the special area team will begin hosting live sessions for scholars to join and complete activities. Look for more information to come about this exciting event. Contact the special area teacher if you have any questions or concerns regarding the schedule or expectations:

Myles Pearl, PE -

Alex Keilen, Technology -

Sue Mabon, Library -

Carolyn Decker, Music -

Karen Peyton, Art -

*Special area teachers can also be messaged through Class Dojo messenger.

Collaboration between teacher and parent is vital to the success of our scholars. I encourage you to reach out to your scholar’s teacher(s) if you have any questions or concerns. If they can’t help you, they will connect you with the person who can help you.

Please make sure you are connected to all of our information platforms - Class Dojo, our website, our Facebook page, and through our weekly Socrates Connection newsletter. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Baker