Parent Notification

Dear Parents of Socrates Scholars,

Socrates Academy continues to monitor updates concerning COVID-19. Please see below for important updates on spring break travel, information on our education preparedness plan, and prevention reminders. If we receive a reported, confirmed case of COVID-19 in any neighboring county, an announcement will be made to close Socrates Academy. We will move forward with our Distance Learning plan.


At Wednesday night’s board meeting, a formal vote approved the following cancellations and updates to field trips, athletic events, and celebrations. Socrates Academy will not hold gatherings of larger than 60 people on campus, all events held off campus are cancelled, and athletics events will be cancelled (click here)


With the vote to limit gatherings to fewer than 60 people, procedures will change on campus. Lunches will be eaten in classrooms, after school care will be held in separate classrooms to reduce numbers, carpool will be modified to dismiss in groups smaller than 60. All visitors and volunteers are not permitted on campus.

Spring Break: Travels and Trips

Students, family members, and employees who have recently traveled or have plans to travel abroad, by cruise ship, or to specific locations where COVID-19 is prevalent (ex. Seattle) should inform the school by completing our Travel Form (click here).

Those who travel to any place where there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 and/or through a warning level 2 or 3 country must self-quarantine from the school and school community (as a family) for a minimum of 14 days, and follow all CDC and Department of Health guidelines. Those who have traveled abroad, by cruise ship, or to locations where COVID-19 is prevalent and are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, are required to remain home until symptoms have subsided. Additionally, if your physician or any health agency recommends self-quarantine for any member of your family, please inform Sara Caggiano at immediately. We will suspend perfect attendance awards for the remainder of this year.

Please continue to check the CDC's Travel Advisory for updates before your trip and once you return as the current situation is evolving rapidly. We ask that families carefully consider travel plans, the possibility of travel interruptions and/or quarantine, and the potential impacts of these on you, your family, and the school community.

Distance Learning

While we have no current plans for distance learning, we do want to prepare our campus during this evolving situation by utilizing every tool possible. This afternoon, we prepared our faculty and staff for the likelihood that we will need to focus on technology and the resources needed to implement distance learning, in the event that we are unable to hold classes on campus for an extended period of time.

The BOD Curriculum & Instruction Committee will meet and create a plan for the K-8 distance learning that will be appropriate for students’ developmental levels.

Please Note: We are asking that all students in grades 3-8 take learning materials (ex. textbooks, workbooks, etc.) home with them over spring break, in the event that we would have to institute distance learning.

A survey is being sent through the Connection on 3/12/20 to parents. If you do not have home access to any of the following resources, please notify your homeroom teacher:

· Internet

· Computer, iPad, Tablet or any other device that allows access to materials over the internet (not a mobile phone)

· Printer

Prevention Reminders

We continue to encourage students and employees to regularly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds and make use of hand sanitizer around campus. We ask that everyone avoid shaking hands, hugging, and touching their face, and, when possible, cover all sneezes and coughs with a tissue (which is to be disposed of immediately).

For additional information, please review the various online resources from the World Health Organization, the CDC, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Socrates Academy’s Leadership Team