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Hello people, I am Maggi. The article which you are reading right now is written by me. I have been in this field of content writing for about 7 years now. I started writing for the first time out of self-care which is journaling and writing my thoughts down and it made me realise how much I love writing about everything, and how much I love describing my life as little snippets of stories. I started my journey with fabriclore, which is one of the leading fabric distributor. It is known for its supply of wholesale fabric online with varieties. All this time I learned so much about different kinds of fabrics like muslin, silks, indigenous craft forms like Kota Doria, Ajrak, kalamkari, and many more. With the creative skill of fabric manufacturers, we have the most authentic and sustainable fabric. For these writing purposes, I have travelled across India and many other places to get first-hand authentic knowledge of my content. Apart from travelling I enjoy dancing and reading also.



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