The Invest in a Scholar Annual Fund Campaign is our primary opportunity for school families to participate in the continued success of the Academy by helping to bridge the gap left by state and local funding. Families are invited to donate to the school to support existing educational programs, develop new curriculum, improve school facilities, and support essential needs of Socrates Academy. The money raised through the Invest in a Scholar program will support exclusively the operational needs of the school and will not be used for any additional land purchases or new buildings being considered by the Board of Directors.

These Fundraisers Benefit

Our Annual Fund, too!

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Here are the three top areas we hope to improve in 2018-2019 using your Annual Fund donations: 


1) Technology in the classroom - We strive to educate our scholars in all grades using the latest technology. To do so, we aim to update 240 student laptops this year to newer models. 


2) Teaching Success – Ongoing professional development ensures our teachers are engaged and equipped with up-to-date knowledge and practices in the classroom. We invest in our staff, significantly beyond what is required by the state of North Carolina, to create a dynamic, 21st century learning environment for our scholars. Additionally, beginning teachers at Socrates Academy receive professional support and guidance from an assigned mentor. These veteran teachers invest tremendous time and energy as mentors and play a vital role in the development and retention of talented new teachers. We would like to provide these mentors with an additional stipend to reflect the lasting value they pass on to the school and our scholars. 


3) Hitting the Books – A strong foundation in reading is a key building block towards long-term academic success. We plan to purchase a diverse range of reading materials to be used every day in grades K-3, the foundational years in which student learn how to read. A classroom library that is well-stocked with a wide selection of diverse trade books will enhance their exposure to all genres and make more proficient readers.