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  • Beginning in Kindergarten our scholars learn Greek immersion style and begin developing critical thinking skills using the Socratic Method. 

  • Our core class sizes are limited to 20 scholars. 

  • Our school is a safe, loving, community environment

  • Each day our K-5th scholars attend one of the following specials; P.E., Music, Art, Literacy Lab or Innovation Lab (technology)

  • Our small class sizes allow our teachers to know our students and create relationships that last through High School graduation.
  • We are a "Uniform School"


Language Arts

English Language Arts (ELA)


Students are taught Singapore Math. This method uses mathematical concepts in a three-step learning process: concrete, pictorial, and abstract. It allows the student different ways to solve a problem and are able to determine which way works best for them. 


Greek Language

Students attend 50 minutes of Greek Language and 50 minutes of Greek Math each day. K-2nd Greek Math is co-taught with the Greek & Homeroom teachers. Our Greek Program is taught immersion style. Our students don't focus solely on the language however, focus is also placed on Greek culture, including foods, dancing and music. To learn more about out Greek Program visit our Greek page

Math in Greek

K-2nd Greek Math is co-taught with the Greek & Homeroom teachers using the Singapore method.


Art, Music, Literacy Lab, Innovation Lab (technology) & PE are attended each week.

Signature Experiences


Off Campus Field Trips

Each grade level participates in a Field Trip off campus each year. Some of our past field trips include, the Columbia Zoo, Discovery Place, and Imaginon.

On Campus Field Trips

Our Scholars experience several on-campus field trips throughout the year. Some of our past on campus trips include, The Charlotte Ballet, Opera Carolina and Storyteller Donna Washington.

Yiasou Festival

First, Third & Fifth Grade Scholars get to experience Greek culture, food and music first hand by attending Charlotte's own Yiasou Festival!


We believe the purpose of homework is practice instead of mastery.


Our scholars aren't in front of a computer screen all day long! In fact, most of our teachers prefer hands-on or direct-method teaching. Technology is used in our classrooms to support teaching, not replace it.

We do not allow any students to use cell phones during school hours.

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