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Uniform Closet Hours

The Uniform Closet Hours are posted in the Socrates Connection each week. If hours are not posted, The Closet will not

be open during the next week.


Volunteer at the Uniform Closet

We are looking for permanent volunteers to work between two and four shifts a month. If you are interested, please email  with the days of the week and the times you are available to volunteer on a regular basis. Each month, new volunteer opportunities are posted on Sign-Up Genius and sent through the Connection.

Heat Press Patches - $4.00 each - Cash or Check Only

1. Bring your shirts to the closet. Remove packaging/tags. Write a check or include cash with the shirts. 

2. Fill out the form provided by the Socrates Uniform Closet

3. We must apply the patch for you. This may take up to a week.

4. Shirts will be sent home with your student or you will be notified when shirts can be picked up. Shirts can be picked up during Uniform Closet Hours

Embroidered Patches - $5.00 each - Cash or Check Only

The embroidered patches will not be applied by the Uniform Closet.  The embroidered patches need to be sewn on to jackets, sweaters, jumpers, etc.

New Uniform Shirts - $15.00 - patch press included - Cash or Check Only

Unisex youth short sleeve polo style shirt -  hunter green or white.

Sizes: youth small, youth medium, youth large, and youth extra large.


Please help us build our “Closet” by donating uniforms and spirit wear you no longer need. We accept any approved uniform piece that is still in fair condition, with no stains, rips, or tears. 


Questions? Shelly Mehringer at


Socrates Spiritwear

  • Our Socrates PFI (Parent Faculty Involvement) sells Spiritwear that can be worn on Fridays.

  • Socrates Spiritwear Sweatshirts can be worn any time. 

  • All Spiritwear money goes directly back into the school. 

  • Don't forget to buy one for yourself for Socrates events, games and field trips!


Click here to purchase Spiritwear >>


Our Uniform Policy

The purpose of the Uniform Policy is to keep the Socrates Scholars looking neat and clean while in school and to eliminate any items being worn that are distracting or an impediment to learning. Appropriately sized uniforms must be worn at all times students are on campus and/or participating in school functions and activities during school hours, except for special days as specified by the Socrates Academy Administration.


All Students (K – 8th Grades)


  • UNIFORM BOTTOMS – Solid Khaki uniform bottoms should be worn by scholars. Acceptable pieces include:

    • Boys – long pants, shorts, tailored non-baggy cargo style pants and shorts.

    • Girls – long pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, Capri pants, jumpers and tailored non-baggy cargo style pants and shorts (jumpers must have Socrates logo on them).

  • UNIFORM TOPS - Hunter Green or White uniform tops. Tops must have collars (turtlenecks are permitted) and short or long sleeves (no sleeveless), and must bear the Socrates Academy logo. Tops should be tucked in at all times.

  • SWEATERS AND JACKETS - Sweaters and Jackets worn in the classroom must bear a Socrates logo. All sweaters and jackets must be worn over an approved uniform shirt. The following are approved sweaters and jackets to be worn in the classroom:

    • Knit sweaters and vests in Hunter Green or White.

    • Hunter Green fleece sweaters with the Socrates Academy logo are permitted but must be vest, v-neck or crew styling and can have a zipper.

    • Jackets are allowed that are fleece and/or sweatshirt material in Hunter Green or White with the Socrates logo. Hooded jackets and sweatshirts are permitted, but must have a full zipper.

    • Sweaters/Jackets not bearing the Socrates Academy logo may not be worn in the classroom.

    • Socrates Academy Sweatshirt (introduced in 2015)

  • SHOES - Shoes must be closed toe and closed back. Solid colored shoes and shoelaces in neutral colors. Acceptable neutral colors include all shades of the following: Black, White, Brown, Gray, Navy Blue and Tan. A simple stripe, brand logo or design is permissible. Distracting elements such as lights, brightly colored shoelaces, charms or beads, and cartoon or pop-culture characters are NOT allowed.

  • SOCKS - Socks/tights must be worn at all times and the visible part must be a neutral color. Acceptable neutral colors include all shades of the following: Black, White, Brown, Gray and Tan.

  • UNDERGARMENTS - Undergarments must be worn but not visible.

  • BELTS – Belts are not mandatory, however neutral colored belts may be worn.

  • JEWELRY/HAIR ACCESSORIES - Jewelry and hair accessories should be modest. If these items become a distraction in class, they may be asked to be removed at the Teacher’s or Administrator’s discretion.

Any items worn to school that becomes a distraction to learning will be asked to be removed at the Teacher’s or Administrator’s discretion.



  • Skirts, shorts, skorts and jumpers for girls must be two inches above the knee or longer.

  • One pair of earrings is permitted in ear lobes. Stud earrings are preferred for elementary school. Earrings that could get caught on clothing are not permitted.

  • Hair is to be kept neat and out of the face.

  • It is recommended that girls, who wear skirts or jumpers to school, should wear shorts underneath these uniforms to conceal their undergarments. These shorts should not be able to be seen sticking out under the skirts or jumpers.


Not Socrates Uniform Approved

  • No hats,bandanas, caps or other head covering are allowed indoors, except traditionally worn as a religious or cultural tradition.

  • Sweatpants and leggings are NOT permitted.

  • Sandals and Boots may NOT be worn.

  • NO denim, Jean style, or laced (strings) uniform bottoms are permitted.


Middle School Uniform Policy Addendum for 5th – 8th Grades


In addition to the above uniform choices, Middle School students may also wear:

  • UNIFORM BOTTOMS – Navy Blue bottoms. Acceptable pieces include:

    • Boys – long pants, shorts, tailored non-baggy cargo style pants and shorts.

    • Girls – long pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, Capri pants, tailored non-baggy cargo style bottoms, jumpers (jumpers must have a Socrates logo on them).

  • UNIFORM TOPS – Logo’d Light Blue uniform tops. Above rules apply for tops.

  • SWEATERS AND JACKETS – In addition to above rules, knit sweaters, fleece, sweatshirts and vests in Navy Blue are also permitted.

  • JACKETS FOR ATHLETIC TEAM MEMBERS ONLY – fleece or sweatshirt material with the approved Socrates Academy Athletic logo may be worn by team members only.

  • SHOES - In addition to the above rules, Athletic shoes and socks must be worn to P.E.

  • SOCKS - Socks/tights should be mostly solid colored when worn. Acceptable colors are: Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Light Blue, and the following neutral colors in all shades of: Black, White, Brown, Gray and Tan.


Any student in violation of the uniform policy will receive a written notice of 1st warning, a call home to parent/guardian to bring a replacement of the item in question as 2nd warning, and detention as 3rd warning. All subsequent uniform violations will require the parent/guardian to pick up the student for the remainder of the day and will result in an unexcused absence from school.



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