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Bell Schedule

Arrival: 7:30 am
Dismissal: 2:40 pm


Period 1:   7:50 - 9:20

Period 2:   9:25 - 10:55

Period 3:  11:35 - 1:05

Period 4:  1:10 - 2:40

Arrival begins at 7:30am. Scholars must be in class by 7:50am or they will be marked absent/tardy.

A Reminder about Driver's Education and Charter School Students

Charter School students who reside within a district but are enrolled in a North Carolina Charter School or Virtual Academy may enroll in the driver education program within a district school. The student is required to follow the fee structure established by the district. Districts should provide services and document these students accordingly on their quarterly reports.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Karl Logan (

Need a Driving Eligibility Certificate?

Driving Eligibility Certificates: You (parent) will need to visit the school in which your child is currently enrolled to secure the Driving Eligibility Certificate. Each site will set its Driving Eligibility Certificate distribution process. Please contact that school to schedule an appointment. Once scheduled, bring the following documents to the appointment:

  • Student’s birth certificate or passport

  • Completed Driver Education Certificate

  • Proof of address if the current address is different than the one listed on the Driver Education Certificate or the address listed in PowerSchool. Address must be verified for the NC Real ID.

Planning for College While in High School

Guidebook for
AIG & Advanced Learners
AP Registration Considerations

● Am I ready to challenge myself to take a college level course?

● Am I a naturally curious and motivated learner and truly enjoy the learning process? 

● Have I demonstrated a high level of success in a content-related honors course in high school? 

● Am I able to learn and master concepts/content independently? 

● Am I able to apply what I learn to new situations and not just memorize facts?

● Am I able to organize my thoughts and communicate them in written form? 

● Am I able to develop a written thesis/claim and defend it? 

● Do I recognize success in an AP course may not be the A that I earned in previous honors/standard classes? 

● Am I willing to work hard for the sake of learning and not just a grade? 

● Am I willing and able to commit the necessary amount of time to be successful?

● Am I sophisticated enough to handle mature content?


● AP classes are open enrollment (teacher recommendations not required).

● Once students have met the prerequisites, we recommend success in an honors level class prior to taking an AP course but this is not required. 

● All AP students are expected to take the College Board AP exam in each of their AP courses. 

● AP courses are weighted courses and carry 1 quality point for GPA calculations. 

● AP classes are taught on a 4x4 schedule and taught 2nd semester only.

● If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your student’s counselor or high school administrator.

AP Resources

Due to the additional credits needed to graduate from Socrates Academy in four years, we do not accept applicants beyond 10th grade.

Help Us Build a Dream

We are so excited to have completed plans for our new building. If you would like to take a look at conceptual drawings, HERE.

Please note. High School Bottoms are Black and tops may be worn in navy or white.

High School Uniform

  • Collared Shirt with Logo (white, dark blue)

  • Uniform Bottoms - black or khaki 

  • Official SA (purchased from PE Department) Sweatpants may be worn, except on Greek Celebration Days

  • Outwear (example: sweatshirts, athletic jackets) need to have SA Logo

  • PE Uniform 


Does my child need to be a current Socrates student to apply?
Your student does not need to be a current student to apply. You can learn more about the applications process on our Admissions Page.

When will the construction on the High School Building be completed?

The construction of the High School building has experienced some delays due to the pandemic. High School students will be housed in a state-of-the-art modular building while waiting for completion of the high school construction project.

What if my child has never taken a Greek class? 

As it is part of our mission, it is required for any student who is attending Socrates Academy attend Greek Language Classes. Beginning classes are offered for students who have never taken Greek and are new to the language and culture.

Will the Socrates Academy High School offer Athletics?

Athletics will be offered as long as there is student interest! 

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