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This event is open to the public!

Saturday, May 11th, 2024
10am to 4pm
Passport Covers

Every country's booth has something different to offer. How do you make sure you see everything? Get a FREE passport of course! Show your passport at each booth and get a sticker, stamp or your name written in another language. 

Children Playing in Bouncy Castle


International Booths

Face Painting

Bounce Houses

Games & Prizes


Food Truck Portrait

Come enjoy lunch or a snack from one of our delicious global food trucks. 

When you are finished, enjoy a piece of Baklava or another sweet treat.

Capoeira Music Instruments


Come to the festival to see LIVE multi-cultural entertainment AND a Cricket game on the field! 

Festival Showcase Schedule

10:00 a.m.  |  Festival is open for spectators & Passports are available for booth visits

10:30 Macarena, Gangnam Style, Cha Cha Slide: Community Dance ~ Join Us!


10:45 SA Spanish Classes: 5th Grade Poetry Reading & Latin Dance Performance (5th - 8th) The name of the poem is "Bilingüe" (Bilingual). Dance:!"La gozadera" is a salsa genre song that represents a joyful and spirited party, celebrating Latin American heritage. It is performed in collaboration by the Cuban duo Gente de Zona and the American singer Marc Anthony.

11:00 Irish Dance Performance: The Walsh Kelley School Participants include: Nora Beth Arey, Annablair Arey, Jane Ellis, Findlay King, Sienna Moulton, Katie Bailey, Sadie Cannon, and Sara DiVittorio

11:30 Socrates Greek Dance Club: Socrates Academy presents Syrtos Naxou,,Ta pedia tou Pirea, hasapiko, Roditiko, Pentozali


11:45 Feel the Beats Studio: Bollywood Dance, Dhamaal Kids

12:00 A- Ballet Dance Studio: “Believe in Miracles", a Ukrainian modern dance piece that encourages people to always believe in miracles, no matter what happens.

   - Soloist: Victoria Timotina

12:15 Socrates Academy Greek Dance Club: Socrates Academy presents Syrtos Naxou,,Ta pedia tou Pirea, hasapiko, Roditiko, Pentozali

12:30 A-Ballet Dance Studio: "Grasshopper",a story about a frog's desire to befriend a grasshopper, despite the grasshopper's initial suspicion that the frog wants to eat him. It explores the challenges of finding friendship.

- Soloists: Cassia Kiryak and Angelina Lozinsky


12:45 Pacific Fire  & Hawaiian History: Hula Workshop & Ukulele Performance

1:00 A-Ballet Dance Studio: “Waltz" to the music of Delibes from the ballet "Coppelia."

1:15 Pacific Fire & Samoan History & Coconut Experience

 Aloha!  Talofa!  Kia Ora! Come learn about Polynesia - the islands of the South Pacific.  

1:30 Indian Bollywood Dance: Kshirin Vikas Nanekar performs a bollywood mashup (London Thumkada | Teri baaton me )

1:45 Pacific Fire  presents New Zealand Poi Balls Fire Dance - Outdoors


If you are attending the Festival as a volunteer or a host, you can get more information and FAQ HERE.

Team Meeting

Do you love learning, talking about or teaching others about your heritage or culture? We'd love to have you help with a booth at the festival!

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