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If we do not have any vacancies you may select, "Employment Application" to submit your application, cover letter, and resume to  so that if a vacancy arises, we can contact you.


Knowledge of Greek Culture or Language Immersion preferred but not mandatory.

Please consider filling out a substitute application so we can get to know you!


  • Multilingual, multicultural curriculum follows both the North Carolina Essential Standards & Common Core and the National Greek Curriculum Standards


  • Education characterized by high academic quality with a special emphasis in mathematics, reading, writing, character development, multiculturalism, and early learning of a second and third language


  • Our most precious relationships come from the collaboration between our Greek and American teachers


  • No, you don’t have to speak Greek to work here - but you will learn despite yourself!


S - Synergy between content areas through dynamic, collaborative PLCs

O - Opportunities for growth available for anyone with vision & initiative

C - Our staff are encouraged to be creative & enthusiastic in content delivery

R - Relationships with students & parents are achievable through smaller classes

A - Active involvement from our stakeholders (parents, Board, community)

T - Teachers receive the gift of time through additional planning blocks

E - Our teachers use evidence-based instructional strategies

S - Our instructional leadership team is invested in supporting your success

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