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Volunteers may log hours or see how many hours they have accrued on ParentSquare. 


Background checks are $20 (paid by volunteer) and are required for all who are volunteering for the following activites only:

  • Field Trip Chaperones

  • Afterschool Enrichments

  • Athletics (Coaches)

All other volunteers do not need a background check, but ALL VOLUNTEERS will need to check into the front office with a driver's license.


Enjoy the Outdoors?

Want to donate from home?

  • Consider sending an item from our Wishlist

​Enjoy Working with Children?

​Like to Cook?

  • Bake snacks for the teacher's lounges ~

  • Check the Connection for ways to donate


Love to Serve Others?

Enjoy Sports and Athletic Events?

  • Coach a Team ~

  • Help with Athletics ~

  • Help out with March Madness ~

  • Work concessions during games ~

  • Join the Owl Club (Athletics Fundraising) ~

  • Help with the 5K ~

  • Volunteer with Field Day or PE ~

Are you Artsy?


Crafty? Love Pinterest?


Are you Organized?

Like Making Money?

Are you a writer?

Good at Event Planning?

Tech Savvy? 

​Love Music?

Like Books?


How can I be expected to volunteer if I work full time?

Special events that fall on weekends, committees that meet one evening a month, and work that can be completed at home are just a few examples. To learn more about ways to volunteer, contact 

What happens if I don't volunteer?

Our volunteer commitment is listed in our charter, which means we can be turned down for Charter Renewal or lose the Charter that we have​ if we do not meet our volunteer requirements as a school. 

Why do I have to volunteer?

North Carolina charter schools receive state and federal funding for each student. However, state educational funding across North Carolina has declined year over year since 2009, and total funding for charters is still significantly less than for public schools.


  • Charter schools do not receive a share of the North Carolina Lottery money earmarked for education.

  • Charter schools do not receive state or federal funding for purchase or maintenance of facilities.


In order for Socrates Academy to continue to provide an exceptional educational experience for all of our scholars, we must seek creative ways to bridge that gap. Volunteering makes a huge difference in this area, while increasing family engagement in the school and strengthening the Socrates community. This is why the volunteer requirement is included in the enrollment paperwork for all Socrates scholars.

How many hours do I have to complete?

36 Volunteer Hours are required from each family that attends Socrates Academy.


What constitutes a Socrates Academy volunteer hour?

A volunteer hour is an hour spent at the request of the school (Administration, teachers, BOD, Foundation, PFI) engaged in an activity in support of the school mission.  Examples include:


  • Participating in Committee work

  • Attending Town Hall meetings or Board Meetings

  • Planning, setting up and/or breaking down for meetings

  • Work for school at home (worksheet cut outs, scholastic flyers, etc)

  • Working a special event

  • Fulfilling duties for committees

What does not constitute a Socrates Academy volunteer hour?

  • Eating lunch with your scholar

  • Attending parent/teacher conferences


Can other family members, (Grandparents, Siblings, Aunt or Uncles) volunteer?

We love to see the whole family involved with the school. Additional family members are welcome to volunteer their time and talents with us. We are appreciative of each and every hour they volunteer.

Can I donate my hours?

Yes. If you have additional hours, please log them either in a friends name, or in your own name. At the end of the year all of the hours are totaled and averaged together. 

How will my hours be tracked?

Use the volunteer log on ParentSquare to track your hours. You will be able to manage your hours from the ParentSquare app!

Volunteering FAQ
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