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Why does Socrates Academy need to raise funds? Isn't it a public school?

Socrates Academy is indeed a public school, but it is also a charter school.  Each year, North Carolina charter schools receive a fixed, per-pupil stipend from state and local government sources, which doesn't include funding for a building, bus services or salary increases for teachers with advanced degrees.  Socrates Academy must finance facilities expenditures out of general operating revenues, privately raised funds, or partnerships with other organizations. In other words, if we want to purchase or build a new facility, we need to raise those dollars ourselves.


What is the difference between Annual Funds and Capital Funds?

Annual funds are used for operational costs at a school, such as salaries, enrichments, maintenance and supplies. While Capital funds are used for "brick and mortar type projects".

North Carolina charter schools only receive operations funding, NOT capital funding. Money for building must come from donations or private borrowing.


Are we seeking support from outside the school community?

External support will be critical in our effort to raise sufficient funds necessary to purchase the land for our middle school and to build a new building. However, when outside sources are approached, the first question that they ask is "What have you been able to raise internally?"  It is most important right now that we achieve our goal of 100% participation so that we can better leverage our case outside of our school community. The Fundraising Committee will continue to explore potential donors outside of our internal school community.


How will my funds be used?

At this time the priorities are facilities and the Middle School.


What is a Matching Gift Program?

When a company or corporation offers gift matching it means when an employee makes a charitable contribution to a non-profit organization, the corporation agrees to pay an equal amount to the same non-profit organization.


For example, if you are an employee of Wells Fargo, you could donate $50.00 to Socrates Academy monthly by bank draft, and Wells Fargo would donate the same amount. That would mean Socrates Academy would receive $100.00 monthly, resulting in a $1200.00 a year!

Click here to see a list of companies we know that DO have Matching Gift programs


Contact Us
If you have any question about the Foundation, fundraising or would like additional information about upcoming initiatives, please feel free to contact us at:


Socrates Academy Foundation
3909 Weddington Road
Matthews, NC 28105

704-321-1711 X138

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