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This event is open to the public!
Saturday, May 11th, 2024    |    10am to 4pm
Country Flags

Families can volunteer to sign up to host a booth during the event AND earn volunteer hours. This is a great way to educate the Socrates family about your own culture or a culture that you are interested in.

Textile Market

This year we will be opening the International Festival for vendors who would like to sell goods or services. Vendors will be able to reserve a space for a fee of only $40. Tent and table are NOT included. 

If you are interested in setting up a booth for sales at the event can fill out a reservation form below and one of our volunteers will contact you directly.

Festive Event

By sponsoring this event, you're empowering the next generation of global leaders, promoting education, and embracing unity in diversity. Let's inspire minds, ignite passions, and create lasting impact together. Be a catalyst for change—sponsor Socrates Academy International Festival today!

Peruvian Dance

Are you or someone you know interested in performing at our festival? Please fill out the form below so we can contact you for scheduling.


This year we are openingup sales to our booth hosts! Country Booth Host Vendors selling from their booths have two convenient sales options:


1. Utilize your own point of sale system.

  • Consider contributing a portion of your proceeds to support the school.

  • Guests will pay directly at your booth.


2. Opt for the SA point of sale system:

  • Guests will use tickets to make purchases at country booth vendors.

  • All proceeds will be donated back to the school. We deeply appreciate your support!



  • We kindly request that all food and beverages be prepackaged whenever possible. We understand that certain items may need to be prepared fresh upon order, and we accommodate such needs.


Please note: The school is unable to reimburse vendors for their supplies.



  • Booth hosts are responsible for pre-festival planning, set up, running the booth during the entire festival, and clean up.

  • Set up for booths can begin at any time. Volunteers will arrive at 8am.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to provide power for booths, due to limited outdoor recepticles.

  • Clean up for booths will be immediately following festival. Volunteers will be on site to assist.

  • Socrates will provide one (1) 6ft. table (these items will be set up in your space prior to 8am the day of).

  • Booth hosts must provide all items for your booth, other than the above-referenced items provided by Socrates.

  • If multiple people sign up to host a booth for the same county, we will put you in touch and you will coordinate and share booth responsibilities (we will not have multiple booths for the same country).

  • Exact booth location will be assigned by Socrates closer to festival date.

  • Booths should be engaging, fun, and educational (NO politics) – think Plinko game; guess the country fact(s), win a piece of candy; unique art/culture/games/toys

  • At least one (1) adult 18+ must remain in the booth during the entire festival.

  • Booths may not sell items, but can give out trinkets, food, candy, or treats.

  • Event is rain or shine (consider renting a covered tent).

  • For planning purposes, in prior years, approximately 200 people attended this festival.

  • Each booth should designate a day-of-festival point of contact for Socrates. Point of contact should be listed when filling out the participation form located HERE

  • Questions?

Janice Soucey

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