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To order Hot Lunch, please email Daniese Ingram at so the order form can be sent to you.


Socrates Academy does not have a traditional cafeteria program so lunches must be brought from home. An alternative to bringing lunch is to order from our Hot Lunch Menu. Hot Lunch is prepared off site and brought in to the scholars and must be ordered 2-4 weeks in advance. Learn more about Hot Lunch HERE.


Students are not permitted to share food.


Students are not permitted to bring soda in their lunches.


Students may not be pulled from class during instruction to have lunch with a sibling unless their lunch schedule is the same.


The Discipline Policy/Code of Conduct applies to all student actions during lunch


Socrates Academy provides a table (when students eat in the cafeteria) that is to be kept free of the type of allergen(s) that impact the identified student(s). While this table is available to the identified student(s), they are not be required to eat only at this table.


Snacks may be purchased from the Hot Lunch counter with cash only. Items for purchase include, but are not limited to, chips, drinks, muffins and fruit.

Forgotten lunches should be brought to the Middle School lobby, labeled (mateirals provided) and placed on the shelf labeled with the student's grade level. Parents MUST then send a Dojo message to their child's homeroom teacher, letting them know that the lunch has been delivered. Front desk staff is NOT permitted to contact the teacher for forgotten lunches.


If a student has forgotten their lunch and a parent is unable to be reached, they may purchase food items (not hot lunch from vendors) with credit from the Hot Lunch counter. The student will need to bring cash money for payment the next day.


Volunteers are needed to work behind the Hot Lunch counter and also in the main cafeteria area. If you would like to volunteer during lunches, please check the volunteer section at the bottom of the Socrates Connection for the sign up.


Cash Sales

Items for cash sale, (cereals, drinks and "side/snack") are available. If you do not want your student to purchase items with cash, you must contact me at with this information.

Questions & Contact

Daniese Ingram

704.756.3205 (TEXT ONLY).

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