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The Academy's bilingual, multicultural curriculum follows both the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, art, and music) and the National Greek Curriculum Standards (language arts, mathematics, and Greek culture).


The curriculum is an innovative research-based curriculum, developed by the Socrates Academy Curriculum Committee, which is made up of several distinguished faculty from UNC Charlotte with expertise in various aspects of education, English and other languages, mathematics, and technology.


It is important to note that only a small percentage of the students of the Academy are of Greek heritage, and students from diverse cultures and backgrounds are greatly profiting from this approach.


While part of each school day is taught in Greek, no prior knowledge of Greek is required.  It is, however, recommended that new students enter the Academy at the earliest grades possible in order to gain the greatest academic benefit.


Instruction relies on the Socratic Method to foster critical analytic thinking.  The program is characterized by high academic quality and a special emphasis in mathematics, reading, writing, character development, multiculturalism, and early learning of a second language.

K-5 Standards


  • In ELA, Math, Math in Greek - A specific standard is matched to each assignment

  • In IU (Science/Social Studies), Greek Language, and Special Area Classes-Assignment receive a letter only

  • Each assignment receives letter to explain their progress on 10 point scale


CD - Consistently Demonstrates Independently

D - Demonstrates with Minimal Teach Support

B - Beginning to Demonstrate with Significant Teacher Support

N - Needs Improvement


Grades 3rd-9th: Ten Point Scale*

            90-100 A

            80-89 B

            70-79 C

            60-69 D

            59 < F

* High School Level Classes: 10 point scale. Middle School Greek Language, Middle School Chinese and Spanish, Math I and II 


What does it mean to be a Cyber Civics Certified School? It means we teach tried and true lessons in our middle school to equip students with the tools they need to be ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens. You can help at home!  Follow along on social media at @BeCyberwise to be an A+ digital parent.



Looking for more information on K-5th SBG? Read our SBG Parent & Student Handbook



NC DPI's Portrait of a Graduate

The Portrait ensures that North Carolina students are well equipped for the broadest range of postsecondary opportunities, be it college, career, or military.

Now, more than ever, a student’s learning experiences must include the acquisition of rigorous academic content and the durable skills and mindsets students need to thrive in the post-secondary plan of their choice. The North Carolina Portrait of a Graduate allows for both, leading to deeper student learning and skill attainment required in an ever-changing world.

The Portrait shows us that student academic success matters, but so does a student’s ability to adapt, to collaborate, to communicate, to think critically, to show empathy, to learn, and to take personal responsibility.


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