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From the Socrates Mission Statement: "The mission of the Socrates Academy is to work in partnership with parents and community to encourage our students to reach their full potential..."


That partnership with parents lies at the heart of everything we do. From the moment your child's name is drawn in the enrollment lottery, Socrates Academy provides an exceptional range of opportunities for you to engage with their learning experience. We offer opportunities for HomeBase Parents to assist in the classroom. Beyond the classroom, parents can engage with school clubs to share a love of chess, journalism, or their personal area of expertise.


Our commitment to keeping parents fully informed and engaged is reflected in this website. Here you will find information on past and upcoming events, teacher pages with updates on the latest happenings in the classroom and the extended learning that our scholars bring home, and contact information for your child's teachers. The school site includes printable forms, links to hot lunch ordering, up-to-date information on school procedures, and timely updates on school closures.


In a partnership, the flow of information goes both ways and we value parent input as an integral component of our ongoing development. Through the PFI and regular Town Hall meetings, we invite you to play an active role in defining the future direction of the Socrates Academy community.


We are thrilled that you and your children have joined the Socrates Academy community. We look forward to providing you with the very best that we have to offer and to everything that your family's involvement will bring to the school!

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